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GHC is proud to spotlight Eldorado Sparkling Mountain Water as a Conscious Business and WALKFEST Sponsor.

Eldorado is an environmentally aware company.  The Eldorado spring is known for being free of manmade contamination which makes its water’s taste as good as it for you.  Its water has the additional benefit of a naturally balanced pH level which in turn equalizes the Ph in those who drink it.

Eldorado makes a point of providing hydration to as many local Colorado charities, organizations and events as possible. WALKFEST 2018 is very appreciative of having received Eldorado’s in-kind support of providing water stations for our event.

To learn more about Eldorado Natural Spring Water visit: www.eldoradosprings.com

GHC is proud to spotlight  Wallaroo Hat Company as a Conscious Business and WALKFEST Sponsor.

Wallaroo Hat Company was founded in 1999 by Stephanie Carter and Lenya Shore to bring the Australian secret of sun protection to the United States through colorful, broad-brimmed hats with practical features and fashion-forward style. The company’s overall mission is to help eliminate the threat of skin cancer through information and prevention. WALKFEST is grateful for the in-kind donation of fifty hats from Wallaroo Hats to provide sun protection in style to VIP ticket holders.

To learn more about Wallaroo Hat Company visit: www.wallaroohats.com

Going hiking in Colorado? Be sure to wear Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, which is mixed, filled, and packaged in the USA and is based right out of Arvada, Colorado itself. Trust a Colorado company to know how much sun protection you need at altitude; the formula was originally made to protect skiers, and is now trusted by pool-goers, lifeguards at the beach, runners, and athletes alike to ensure that they are protected during their activities.

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is broad-spectrum, so it will help protect you from both harmful aging and burning sun rays while on or in water plus during all hiking and walking activities. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, which is great for both adults and kids alike, is certified Water Resistant for 80 minutes. The environment is covered too – Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is oxybenzone-free and octinoxate-free so your sunscreen usage is friendly to life in the water. It is also non-greasy with no added fragrances. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is the clear choice for all of your Colorado activities

To learn more about Rocky Mountain Sunscreen visit: www.rmsunscreen.com

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